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EXECUTIVE SEARCH – Finding the finest talent for your organisation

We provide traditional headhunting services with a difference, the main being; we do believe most searches should not take so long to find and place the best talent. We use technology, contacts and experience to deliver a quality market map and fast uncomplicated and hiring solutions. We also provide a very clear cost effective pricing model with competitive standard fees across our business and industries.


We know the best talent in your markets and how to attract them. We have and unrivalled contacts and networks to deliver people for your company and assist you through times of transition. We work predominantly in Private Equity, Banking and Finance, Data and Technology, Consultancy AND Fintech. We have experience in placing director to board and will deliver senior talent in any vertical.

RESOURCING PROJECTS – Volume projects to hire large numbers of staff


When the project is won or the digital transformation being implemented, Scaling delivery is difficult, we partner with you to understand when you will need talent and build a volume of resource around projected programmes of work. This enables you to ensure you have scaled.  


LEADERSHIP & ADVISORY – Analysis of boardroom strengths

We work with investors, PE and VC in the evaluation of leadership teams. We review and work with you on the implementation of change, talent and employee brand.  You need to know your investment is with the right talent and where the gaps exist. We lead you through reviewing the performance of the senior leadership team, analysis based on key metrics and proven personality tests. We conduct interviews and research to ensure your leadership team is fit for purpose and also provide training and talent where needed.

EMPLOYEE BRAND – Audit & analysis from board to shop floor


Gallup reports that employees who are engaged are more likely to improve customer relationships, with a resulting 20% increase in sales. Understanding; what do your employees think of your company? What’s the market perception of working at your organisation? How can you better retain staff and what do your internal and external customers think of your brand? We will review and audit your employee brand, providing key insight and recommendations for assisting with growth and transformation.

TALENT MAPPING – Review of the competitive landscape, salaries and talent

Our extensive networks, contacts and intelligence enables us to provide your company with crucial data for growth and talent. Salary banding, competitive team moves, industry trends and market insight. We will provide detailed reports using industry experts across the globe to ensure the decisions you make are made from a position of knowledge.

CLIENT INTRODUCTIONS & NETWORKS – Bringing the right like minded people together

We bring international networks together facilitating beneficial results for investors and expanding organisations alike. We host networking events, seminars and dinners commissioned for organisations wishing to meet with targeted industry professionals and business sectors. If you would like to target a specific group of customers we map the market, manage the invitation process and venue and host events on your behalf, enabling your company to focus on communicating with your audience.

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