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Our story has developed from a meeting of the right time, places and people. We started this business as an international executive search firm working predominantly in Banking, Private Equity, Finance, Data and Technology, Consultancy AND Fintech. In the last 5 years, the Pepler Lee Group has developed considerably; we have run a series of international networking events with Government Ministers, Ethical Hackers and Presidents. We have placed senior talent in China, New York, Norway, Munich and Houston. Conducted mystery shopping and brand audits for a global Technology Security organisation. Currently we are working with a country to assist with investor attraction.

Our senior team have worked internationally in executive search and resourcing for many years. With this unrivalled network of senior professionals across the globe and across industry, we built a business that brings the right people together. Over recent years many of our clients have asked for introductions to like-minded professionals so, we provide client and investor introductions. Pepler Lee Group has also built an international networking group, Fintech Inner Circle. Many of those attending these groups are also involved in investing in companies, people and ideas. These people then asked us to review the leadership teams they were investing in and also fill the gaps where talent was missing.

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