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Client Introductions

We bring international networks together facilitating beneficial results for investors and expanding organisations alike.


We host networking events, seminars and dinners commissioned for organisations wishing to meet with targeted industry professionals and business sectors.


If you would like to target a specific group of customers we map the market, manage the invitation process and venue and host events on your behalf, enabling your company to focus on communicating with your audience.

Our own Network Events

These are our own international, invite-only events for senior professionals with an interest in Finance and Technology.


We hold regular events for these senior professionals that, without judgment and behind closed doors, are able to discuss the latest challenges of the day.


These peer networks have grown over the last two years to include weekend events and dinners across a number of different countries.


We have had ministers, government advisors, AI Innovators and an ethical professional who hacked into Facebook and Twitter!


Upcoming events in; London, Copenhagen, New York, Frankfurt and Zurich.


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